If I posted a "how do I look" thing with truthful stats (like skin complexion, height etc)? could a girl tell me?

... what type of girl I could attract out of 10 based on looks? Would it matter. I don't know objectively how attractive I am (I am still the ugly dude in my mind) and I do entertain the thought of getting a looks question done so I can calibrate.


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  • You really want to know what will catch a girls eye? CONFIDENCE. Confidence is everything. Confidence, kindness, & respect is all you need. I don't care what you believe you look like... "chubby" "acne" or whatever flaws you may have. If you show confidence in yourself & show everyone that YOU see a handsome man, then they will believe it their selves. I see it every day. Confidence isn't something that happens overnight, but start out with "fake it til you make it". Practice acting like you have confidence.. make it a habit & you'll eventually believe it yourself. Be positive, show people you're happy with who you are & you'll be surprised by the people that suddenly begin to surround you. Your positive presence & confidence will bring you a girl. Meanwhile, work on your positivity & self esteem before stressing about girls wanting you.

    • Im 32... girls havnt wanted me for a good 17 years. I am gaining confidence but the looks thing will always bring me down. I don't know how to explain it... I just want a guestimate I suppose. I do gym and have a really good body but I still feel like my face is gross or something... and I am pretty white hey... like I could come from Norway or something ha ha

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    • It won't let me look at them

    • Shit let me redo that then...

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  • Any man could attract an array of different types of women. Looks are subjective. I know some very unattractive men who are with very attractive women and vice versa.


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  • Well the good news is
    Physical attraction isn't what gets u girls
    It's the chemistry attraction

    If u work on ur approaches then flirts to gain their interest then learn how to keep them excited, U'll do better than a complete make over, obviously clean hygiene is important but it's all down to personality

    Mone advice I can give is, positivity and humor
    Even if she's intimidating or even rejects u, respond back with positivity and humor, it'll do wonders

    • ... yeah but I think im ugly so its hard to be positive thinking that. I just want an objective opinion... I think the "how you look thing" is lame but I... need something... Like your opinion though.

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    • We all have insecurities. Some bigger than others.. let me tell you, I have confidence for the most part.. but it took me a long time to work on it. I have my problems & my insecurities too. There's one specific physical appearance that is 100% for a fact unattractive & that's my breasts. Now, do you know how much more pressure is put on women these days? We're all expected to look a certain way, be a certain size, & in our world these days being "sexually" attractive is so important. Society is so much more cruel to women. You're beyond lucky because we women (a huge majority of us) would settle for a MAN with confidence & respect over some fuckin douche bag with a handsome face & nice body talkin about all the bitches he's banged. Trust me, you're fine. You'll be okay. You WILL find someone. Now, go work on your confidence & get some positive beliefs in your head.. we're not just saying this, we're serious, you'll be fine.

    • Look @jazzylynn95 im going with you and @Cantsaylol... I will... try mend what pieces of my heart I have left and get confidence... but I disagree with you on one point: Its much easier for women these days. Your breast thing means nothing, and even the ugliest of girls get laid. There is an ocean of desperate guys that will be with any girl. Maybe its not long term but still, a guy doesn't have that option. I have friends who think small boobs are hot, I have fewer who think large boobs are hot. I have friends who love those big nipples... so I don't think you should worry about that.