Young guy with receding hairline, turnoff?

Hi guys, so I'm a 21 year old guy, since the age of 17 my hairline started receding , I noticed at about 19 and It worried me, so I began to grow my hair for about 2 years, recently I've had very ling hair to cover up the hairline , and it worked, but having long curly hair is such a hassle, every time wind came by, I would duck because it would mess it up and expose my hairline, some of my guy friends do joke about it, I'm relieved to see that there hasn't been any more recession over the last 2 years, anyways I have shorter hair now, and people will be able to see my hairline more easily now, it's a relief to have short hair again, it is a bit frustrating because I have hair everywhere else on my head except the sides of my forehead, I just wanted to ask, do girls care about it? Like is a receding hairline a major turnoff?


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  • No, I might notice it when I first meet you but then I'd forget and not care. It's like if you saw a stretch mark on my hip, would you notice? yes, care? probably not. It's not something you can control so who cares, more about the personality anyways :)


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  • It means you're getting wiser. If you start balding you could always shave it all off and become an MMA fighter.