What color are my eyes?


They do change from green to blue and grey sometimes
  • your eyes are blue
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  • your eyes are green
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  • both blue and green
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  • i just have messed up eyes (my opinion)
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  • I'd say in that pic ther are torquoise but maybe they are like a mood ring. You know, they turn blue when you're sad, red when you're pissed and purple when you're feelin rather shmexy (; but I'd just call them the color of you. Unique

    • Nope I'm a freak they are blue one week green blue green it's like ugh so annoying

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    • Do you know why they change? Or is it just meh?

    • They change for many reasons like:
      the sun
      and just natural genes
      for example my brothers eyes change from brown to hazel to green and its like a dark green its kinda creepy too but his eyes go green 2-3 times a week and then blue 2)3 times a week and any other time they are brown

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