What do guys hate about in a girls body?

What do guys like and dislike about a girls body?


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  • Things I like

    1. A girl to have a genuine smile.
    2. Some make up and some perfume. However, over doing the make up and perfume is a turn off.
    3. Hair that goes just past her shoulders and for her to wear it out.
    4. The pear shaped body figure. So I like her widest at her hips but not huge, a medium sized bust and a reassembly skinny waist.
    5. Medium sized boobs. I don't like boobs that are too big and don't like ones that are fake. Natural is best.
    6. Nice tight legs and ass in tight jeans and tight faux leather pants. The perfect size for me is an American size 4 to 6.
    7. Also girls that have legs and asses like how I describe that sway them as they walk past me.

    Things I don't like

    1. Girls that smoke, can't stand it. Sorry if you're a smoker?
    2. Girls that have false and fake smiles.
    3. Girls that wear too much make up or perfume.
    4. Girls that dress to revealing. It makes me think they are trouble.

    • However, no matter how good looking the girl is it is "GOODBYE" if she has a poor attitude or treats me badly. I don't stay with a girl that has a poor attitude and treats me badly just because she is super good looking. I have too much respect for myself.

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  • Nothing. The female body is just perfect.

  • I dislike bad teeth that look crazy


What Girls Said 2

  • A loose snatch?

  • Boobs and ass?