Post a picture of a women you think is a 32DD?

Post a picture of a woman who you think is about a 32DD or to make it harder don't just google 32DD. Google large breasts and either pick a woman who you think is a 32DD or any large size (but if you do this you have to guess her size)


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  • ... I would just post my own fucking picture but I don't want to do that :(

    • You have DDs?

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    • Thank you Nicole, you did the right thing, even if it was something you didn't want to do... I just wanted to see proof, that's all. When you say something that's hard to believe, you gotta back it up

    • @YoureBeautiful yeah.. yeah... lol -.-

  • I'm a 32D so I know they're not as big as everyone thinks they are. Cup size is proportional to band size!! So a 32D cup is probably the same cup size as a 36B or 34C

  • Im a 36DD should i post a picture of mine?

    • Only if you want to, you don't have to. And you don't have to be naked or in underwear you can be clothed