Should I strip the dye out of my hair?

My natural hair colour is in the picture (blonde). I dyed it dark brown about 3 months ago (at the start of winter).

Should I keep my hair brown, or strip out the dye and go back to being a blonde?

(I have green eyes if that helps you decide).


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  • No do not strip the dye out of your hair. I was told by a professional they could do this.
    After a day of living with the horrid results I went to another salon for color correction and they almost didn't touch my hair because of how badly it was burned. After I signed 3 different waivers and they gave me a $50 protein pack gratis the only solution was to cut my hair that was mid way down my back into a pixie because it was so fried and damaged. After my tears subsided I was told by the lady that specializes in color correction to NEVER believe that dye can be stripped. The products used are too harsh on hair and generally leave quite a bit of damage and she has seen too many people end up like I did. The best thing to do is just wait it out and gradually switch it back.
    If anything learn from my $400 mistake as well as my hair loss.

    • I'm so sorry! That sounds awful. Hair grows back though :)
      So, it's not even possible to strip the dye out? I didn't know that

    • That's what the person that only does color correction at the salon i went to said. She said what it essentially does is just fry the hair like if you left bleach on far too long. And yes hair grows back, but it took three years to go from pixie, back to mid back length. So unless you want to take that chance I suggest not trying to strip the dye. (As well as 15 years ago for me in Po dunk nowhere to get it fixed was $300).

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  • your natural colour looks nicer in my opinion

  • You wouldn't happen to have an older sister thst is single would you? Joking aside, I like your blonde hair, do you have a pic of your brown hair to compare which looks better on you?

    • I always wanted an older sister... haha
      I could add a picture of myself as a brunette

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    • next time I'm back in Washington ill head to vancover and get myself a lovely Canadian girl and start saying " owwt and abowwt" :D. If a girl looks gorgeous without makeup on. Oh that's would definitely get my attention... If she was sweet and kind, I'd make her a ring.

    • Also, natural hair by far looks better on you.

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  • I'm sure you will look beautiful either way :) but in my opinion, you look more of a brunette. Don't dye your hair too much, it is not healthy.

  • yes, boys love it when pubic hair is dyed