How do I know if I'm pretty or not?

I mean deep deep down inside everybody sees the beauty in them sometimes what you see is forgotten under the feeling of self consciousness but that aside I doubt anybody can't find anything pretty about them. When I look in the mirror I feel pretty but when I look at pictures of me or notice how no guys ever tried making a move I begin to question if what I see in the mirror, if the pretty face staring back at me is really how people see me. I read somewhere that you're less beautiful than you think and in a way it depresses me. Not everything is about looks but the idea of not knowing how you really look like bugs me. So how can I know how people see me? If I'm ugly or pretty? Many times I've considered posting a picture of me but I can't, I'm always afraid that someone I know might come across it.


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  • I've actually thought about this a lot, and come to the same conclusion: I don't care. Why should I? I'm pretty happy with the way I look, and if guyus don't make the first move, I'll just have to be the one who does.

    Look at yourself in the mirror and find one thing you don't like about yourself (for me it's my massive nose :P). Now think how much worse it could be - and be thankful it's not like that! I'm assuming you have all limbs intact... You could be severely deformed, or worse, have a fatal disease or something.

    There's so much I can say about self-confidence and the way you look. If you need any advice, message me! I might not reply straight away but I'll definitely try. (: x

    • Thank you for the answer :) my nose is huge and you're right it could be much worse. for the record (you might not care) but you're really cute :)

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    • Thanks so much for MHO! :D x

    • No problem :) thank YOU!

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  • your opinion of yourself is what matters most honestly, but if you really want to see how you measure up, best thing to do is just ask for peoples opinions on the way you look. just don't take what they say too personally

    • Thanks for the answer! People do tell me I'm pretty or at least cute. But I just don't think it's sincere most of the time.

    • well the internet is probably the best place to get honest opinions. You've gotta ask people who dont know you, and who do not feel pressured to give you an answer you want to hear

  • You don't, so don't get attached to some ideal you and just accept who you are now, you will be much happier

    • Yes... but how can I know who I am now? That's the hole point of the question.

    • The great philosophers throughout the centuries have been asking the same question and haven't come up with an anwser. Who you are isn't a discovery it's a creation, its constantly changing and morphing. So go out and make it by asking questions, building solid relationships, and doin things that matter.

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  • Every person sees everbody else differently. Some people consider someone beautiful but others may not. So everybody has a specific definition of beauty. To know if ur pretty, look at urself at the mirror, Nd if u like what u see, then yea, you are pretty. You dont have to wait for some guy to come and tell you you're beautiful. No girl should wait for a guy to come and tell her that. You're pretty and u dont need anyone to confirm it.
    But if you want to be noticed, its not only about whether you have pretty face or not, even if someone isn't considered to be beautiful, smiling more often and being cheerful most of the times can change that.
    So, if you think you're pretty then you're pretty, dont wait for some guy to come and tell you that.
    Be confident and feel good about yourself.

  • Walk with confidence. If you don't think you're pretty, how can anyone else? Be yourself and your inner beauty will shine through.

  • @How do I know if I'm pretty or not?
    For example:
    -If you get compliments from 3-8 kids that you are pretty
    -If guys who are total strangers ask for your phone number or ask you out for coffee/lunch/movie. I mean if they were complete strangers, they haven't know anything about your personality yet so their asking you out must be due to physical attraction, right? :)

    • Sorry for the typo, I meant 3 to 8 years old kids, not 3-8 kids.

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    • @ScreamingSalad

    • No actually no kids told me I'm pretty just adults. And no guy asked me out (I thought I made that quite obvious) strangers just look no more no less.