(A rate me question) Which number would you give me for my looks ?

You can check my pics on my profile.
Here's the link


  • ≤ 3 (Bad)
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  • 4 (Okay; not datable)
    Vote B
  • 5 (Average)
    Vote C
  • 6 (Okay; datable)
    Vote D
  • ≥ 7 (Above average)
    Vote E
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  • On my scale, i dont consider a 6 to be dateable. But yea you're like a 7. You have really pretty smile


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  • I have stopped answering or numbering the rating questions buddy and I've been watching your this question for a few days but decided to open it now and I find that your poll has been set up quite rationally. I vote 'E' ofcourse :-) (a secret there - anyone who voted anything else is pure jealous of you lol :-D )

    Aha good to see a change in your status on the profile :-D congratulations again ne bahu fine Devansh-bhai bahu fine :-D ;) (for benefit of GAG 'bahu' means 'very' in Gujarati - regional and state language of Gujarat, a state in India and where the asker resides / is a native of too) - just in case someone decides to flag it lol

    • Lol, thanks for the wishes :)

      But like I mentioned on the other opinion that the number of the people who voted me below average equals the number of people who rated me above average, so I think the results are quite bizarre!!! Don't you think? 😕

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    • Why thanks again :)

    • The pleasure's all mine young friend :-)

  • your sunglasses are too big actually, they're hiding half of your face... so it's hard to tell :-/

  • You're okay I guess. I voted D.

  • I wonder who in this fucking world would date you?