Have no idea what to do anymore becoming exaggeratingly self concious?

I dont know what to do im ashamed of the way i look lots of people think im attractive but i feel i do not look good enough this is really becoming a problem because i dont want to show my face anymore i have slightly crooked features my nose and smile its not so noticible but it is if i take any type of picture with my friends. im getting depressed everytime i see myself in the mirror and getting in between my school attendance and work what should i do? I've tried talking to people about my problem and they think im being ridiculous please any advice would help. ( id feel so good with surgery to fix those slight imperfections ) but dont have money right now


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  • You know what I want? A whole fucking different face. Sometimes I look in the mirror, or at a picture of me, and just go "ew". But when I think of how much worse it could be, and how lucky I am to not be disabled or deformed, I realise I don't need to change,

    I'm an athiest and don't believe that God created me. I just believe the obvious thing: the way I look is to do with genetics, and I have no control over them. Am I really going to waste a shit load of money on my face just so I'll be relatively happy? (No I'm not. It's a rhetorical question.)

    • I know what you mean. Its just thats the thing im saving up for the surgerys just want something natural.. It would change my life i have no problem working for it but thats the thing I don't know what im gona do in the mean time i think im just gona go see a therapist or something honestly cause i jst can't i thanks for responding

    • Everyone has something beautiful about them. <3 I'm sorry that you feel the way you do and I hope in time you realise there's nothing wrong with you! x