What in the world should I do with my hair?

Background: One of my grandparents starting balding at the age of 16. I (unfortunately) inherited this gene, started balding around the same age, and now take Propecia to combat any further balding (can't regrow anything that's already been lost).

I am considering getting a hair transplant, seeing as Rogaine usually doesn't help for frontal balding. With that being said,

1. What should I do with my hair now (without the transplant)?
2. If I get a transplant, what should I do with my hair then?


https://imgur.com/kL7s6We (front)

https://imgur.com/WgjrS5K (top)

https://imgur.com/jnX1oQf (side)

Thanks guys!


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  • You have 3 options:
    1. Just let it go and get over it, lots of guys go bald sooner or later
    2. Shave your head completely and often. No one will ever know.
    3. Get transplants


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  • try putting on a wig maybe?

  • Give up worrying about it, save your money, and buy a hot car. Girls want a guy who is smart, brings home the bacon, and doesn't cheat or drink too much. Very few care about whether he has hair.

  • At least as a guy u could prob shave it all off. Had a mate who was pretty well bald up top buy th time he was 20 so now he is a skin head. But he has a good shaped head 4 it.