Its a 3 part question. Rate me hate me?

First I would like u to rate me.
2nd I hate having my photo taken I was wondering how many Introverts feel the same way.
3rd I think if I could smile 4 a camra I could look better but I can't. U got any tips 4 me?
And lastly dont judge me I have my issues but im working on em I have come a long way but still have far to go. I used to think I was the ugliest son of a bitch out their. But now im not so sure.
So do what u do guys. Thanks 4 your time.


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  • rate 5 (I'm a guy so who cares) LOL

    I don't like taking pics either to be honest because I look like a mixture of this cat + Honest ABE LOL = which equals my profile pic LOL

    Grin more not smile I guess ^^

    • An opinion is an opinion mate. Besides I dont think guys r guns sugar coat it.

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    • Oh cool funnily enough I ain't been attaked by the gramer clowns much. And between u an me but 4 them to c I think if u can't read with the od speling error or miss used word u need to go back to school an learn how to read and think 4 urself eh. Have they attaked u yet? Oh also social media is guna change English big time. Pretty soon its guna be a mix of shortend words with the occasional number like how I often spell mate in a text. M8 so the gramer pussies have got a big shok coming.

    • Lmao They've attacked me once, but "RIGHTFULLY SO" because I Couldn't even complete sentence "reason somewhat coming" by the way. The stuff that I was talking about needed and should have been put into a "bullet point format". So. when I tried to right it in a normal format it looked, hella stupid LOLOLOL "compilation of random stuff" about Michael Browns death.

  • put out the sunglasses so we can see your face :-P

    maybe a 6 or a 7 i guess?

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