Is my personality good or bad? filllllllleeerrrrrrr?

Im 17. Im working a full time job and a part time job but Im looking for another job in addition to the other two. I dropped out of school at 16 to work and get my GED. Im taking the tests next month and than I plan on going to a community college and than an in state university. I want my assosciates degree in vetinary science because I have a love for caring for animals. I volunteer at an animal shelter once a week. im not stupid, but i can act a little slow at times. I struggle with an eating disorder which i am also currently battling. Im a little too skinny and tall but I've been told i look like a supermodel. I dont wear make up, if it were up to me Id wear jeans, hoodies, and sneakers all day. I also really dont like arguing and I really hate disloyalty. Due to all of my activities and my childhood I grew up very quickly. I pay bills and Im self sufficient. I have goals and Im relateable. Also I dont drink smoke do drugs party or have sex.

Also I dont have very many friends but for me Im okay with that... I have a very good work ethic and I want to make a future for myself. To me that comes first, fun and friends are next.


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  • you sound like you have a busy life.


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  • well, I don't know why you want to work that much, but i suggest you to take it easy :)
    and i'm glad that you care for the animals!

    • I think Im a workaholic but thank you

  • personality is bad

    • How?

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    • Nah Im not mad. Have fun being a punk

    • only trolling, like you said at least you're doing something with your life :D

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  • It's good, very good, very very good.

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