Everyone says I'm older than I am. Do I really look older?

Since I was a teenager everyone I meet says I look older than I actually am. Everyone really thinks I'm older and some get surprised when I tell my real age. OK, I got used to it, I even like it, but I still wonder if I really look older than I am. Do I?

I'm 21 by the way.


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  • I would put you at about 24 years old. Not that much older than your actual age.


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  • sorry to disappoint you but i'd pass you as 27-28.

    i'm afraid your hair are thin... that's the reason you look older :-/

    maybe if you wore a hat you could pass as 23-24

    • Unfortunately I'm losing hair and I'm even taking medicines to slow down the process. It's a genetic problem. I imagine that years from now I'll shave my head completely because I'm not gonna be "half bald".

  • you look 15-16 to us older's

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