Rate yourself out of 10, please?

Heya guys!
Please rate your looks and personality out of 10.
Then write 3 of your best traits about your looks and personality and 1 negative trait.
Please don't judge each other based on their rating or their answer.

Thank you all for being considerate to each other and being honest! Its cool to know that people here have confidence in their looks and/or personality :)


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  • DUH ima totally a 10 I mean geez I am like super perfect in every way it totally scares me! : P

    But really I personally dont see the point of rating myself I am who I am if people like that then good, if people dont like that then still good but just dont rub it in my face you dont like it its a waste of my nice and productive time. : )

    Pro tip: love yourself for who you are but if you wish to change then go and change it if you can and personally grow when possible.

    Remember kiddies happiness comes from a good mindset and from within most of the time and external factors can help, even if its just a little : P

    SO have an awsome day ! and peace : )

    • I agree with your tip. It's awesome that you are so secure of yourself :)
      Have an amazing day

    • Thank you, I am also sure you can in time become that way with yourself it is all about the mindset mainly. Have an awsome day and life ! : )

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What Guys Said 38

  • looks 10
    personality 0

    i'm a golden bag of shit

  • Looks: 5

    People tell me I'm nice, funny and a pleasure to be around. Personality is definitely my stronger suit.
    I'd rather be not so good looking and have a personality of goodness
    Than be a 10 and have the personality of a bag of carrots.

    Personality > Appearance.

    As for my traits..

    - Supportive and kind
    - I can put a smile on your face and turn that frown outside down c:
    - People tell me I have good morals and stand up for what's wrong and what's wrong. I make my voice heard.

    As for negative..

    - I have a tendency to mess up.. :c

  • Looks : 5
    Personality : 5

    Best Traits :
    My absence
    My silence
    My defiance

    Negative trait :
    My small social energy tank

  • I consider myself to be average looking, 5/10.
    Personality? Heck, I can't really judge myself on this one. There are good sides, there are bad sides.

    + Friendly
    + Loyal
    + Generous

    - Lazy

  • Rating: I have no idea. Around average?
    Personality: 8 or 9
    Best 1: Happy smile
    Best 2: Nice to those who are nice to me, and to strangers
    Best 3: Hard worker when it's worth it
    Worst: Gray hair in front while the rest is dark brown

  • Looks: I guess average
    Personality: depends I'd say good overall
    Best 1: I'm a renaissance man
    Best 2: Gentleman
    Best 3: Old Fashioned
    Worst: I'm stubborn in my ways

  • Looks 4.7
    Personality legit 9.5 LOL (loved by all hated by none at least for now IRL)

    Look (skin+facial sturture+ hair lining ) negative = guess my forehead
    Personality (funny + consistent + stand up guy) negative = too cool (#^ ^#)

  • Looks? Probably a 6.99. It would be an 8.99 or higher if I didn't have a bit of a belly.

    Personality? I would say 8.96 - NOT 8.95.

    3 of my best traits? I'm very kind. I'm very loyal, and I'm very loving.

    1 negative trait? I'm a procrastinator. Does that count?

  • welll, 5.5-6 for looks. Depends on whom you call 10 and whom you call 0. Pretty much average everything actually, i can't say i like this and don't like that. I have bad jaw and teeth structure though, that might be a minus.
    8 for personality. I'm a patient, understanding and friendly fella. I'm not very sociable though and pretty shy.

  • id say 6/10 for looks. I like my personality quite a bit, so ill say 9 for that

    In terms of my looks, i like my eyes, my dimples, and my skin tone. In terms of a negative, I'd say my height, and in some ways my skin tone can also be a negative when it comes to dating, as most western girls today have a preference for white men.

    In terms of personality, i like my creativity, my gentle/relaxed nature and my open mindedness. In terms of a negative, I think i can be a bit too soft at times

    • Awesome that you love your personality! What's your height? Don't worry about your skin color, I don't think a lot of people have any care about what their partner's skin color is. You have a great character traits! Being soft isn't such a bad thing as long as you don't let people walk over you.

    • im fine with my skin color. Just saying that it can also be a negative, whether i like it or not. And Im 5'6

    • She said 'don't worry about your skin color'...

      Smh. Of course he's gots to worry. LoL

  • What does it matter if a person thinks he or she is a 10 in any area (looks or personality) if the rest of the world thinks he or she is a 1?

    As for rating myself, I leave that for other people.

  • Personality a 10
    looks a 0
    3 Best traits
    Loving, Caring, Others before me
    1 negative trait is my weight
    i wish more overweight people
    could accept their weight issues
    it's not good to walk around without caring

  • Looks: Range of 6-8
    Personality: Range of 3-7?

    1. Youthful
    2. Slender
    3. 5' 10"

    -1. Eyes

    1. Helpful
    2. Patient
    3. Calm

    -1. Logical

  • 8/8

    Tall, nice looks, innocent in a weird way.

    1 negative trait is bad insecurity related to being popular/likable but that's the only thing that ever stresses me.

  • I have a shit personality when you first meet me. I'm too awkward around people I don't know well. once you get to know me I think I actually have a pretty good personality. Looks-wise, it fluctuates a lot. Sometimes I feel like a 9/10, other times I feel like a 5 or 6 out of 10. Never had a girlfriend yet, but its probably mainly because of my shyness.

  • Looks: 7 ... I hated my look in a period of my life as I was an idiot teenager who seeks for perfection :(
    Now I think I'm not bad after all
    -brows & wide eyes
    -hair& jaw bone
    -facial expressions
    -big nose (I can't kiss cause of it :P )

    Personality: 9 ... I can describe myself as a Philosopher except I don't have the knowledge :D
    I also seek for improvement :)
    - Funny
    - Multi-talent
    -friendly& devoted
    -little introvert & shy

  • looks 7 personality 8
    sense of humour, positivity and intelligence
    ... by 7 I mean how many years younger I look of course

  • I'm a solid 7.641

  • Looks: 4
    Personality: 7

    The things i like about myself:
    - Merciful
    - Determined
    - Funny

    Dont like:
    - It's so easy to break my heart.

  • Looks: 6/7 Personality:5/6

    Traits: Confident, Take Charge, Charismatic
    Negative: Apparently I'm a douche bag.

  • Looks 5/10
    Personality 8/10

    Weird. Friendly. Capable of making my friends laugh/pissed sometimes. :)

    My 3 split personalities. :\

  • 4/10
    Hard working


  • Hmmmmm someone wanna do this for me?

  • Looks- 6
    personality- 7

    positive- I'm a human, not a robot, generous
    negative- lazy, bit stupid

  • Looks 4/10
    Personality 0/10

    Good: hero mentality, give to charity, generally kind.

    Bad: I will go overboard.

  • Ima 10/10.

  • Only if you do the same :)
    I would say I am about 6 or 7
    I am kind, strong and smart but am negative at times
    Now your turn

  • Looks-7

  • I am 7 and an 8 when I m eating and lifting.

  • heck I'm A 10 of course , if I don't think highly of myself no one else will !!!

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What Girls Said 36

  • ok...

    looks: 6 on an average day, 8 on an amazing day
    personality: 8. i like where I'm at but i could always improve.

    3 best traits [looks]:
    1 negative:
    -complexion could be smoother/less blemishes

    3 best traits [personality]:
    - enigmatic
    - strong/resilient
    1 negative:
    im stubborn at times

  • Personally, I think everyone's a 10 considering their distinct characteristics. Everyone has their uniqueness about them that can't be replaced. (: So I'm going to place myself as a 10 as well.
    I think my three best traits are... my sense of humor, my willingness to stand up for others and myself, and my heart for other people. A negative trait I have would be that I trust people too easily sometimes, and that tends to hurt me in the end haha I'm going to give a second one, though and say I can be quite mean sometimes lol I'm not all flowers and rainbows :P

  • Looks: 6.5

    1. I have a nice smile.
    2. Nice teeth.
    I can't think of anything else.
    1. I'm pretty plain looking and chunky.

    Personality: 8.5

    1. Down to earth.
    2. Always laughing.
    3. Strong willed/determined.
    1. Too emotional.

  • Im a 4 meh but im pretty confident about myself , my personality , ill give my personality a 8.5 , but not for how i look,.

    My looks :
    I like my hair
    My lips
    And my fingers

    I hate my body.

    That yes im too nice and i dont care if people think its wrong cuz i might get hurt.
    That i always follow my dreams
    That i find life so beautiful although there are lots of stuff going on. But hey, ( its up to you to find beauty in the ugliest days)

    What i hate is that im too sensitive, ya thats it

  • looks - 7/10... add some eyeliner and maybe im a 8.5/10 hahaha
    personality - 6/10, im quiet so i guess that isn't appealing

    best physical traits - eyes, skin colour, hair, and im gonna stick one more in haha i love my legs
    best personality traits - laid back, open minded, funny
    negative - i have low self esteem and come off as quiet.

  • Looks: 6/10 Personality: 8/10
    Looks: + Eyes. Young looking skin. Pretty hands. :P
    - Round face, so I appear chubbier than I really am.
    Personality: + Helping mind. No show-off. Loyal.
    - Anger sometimes.

  • Looks: 6 objectively

    Best traits: empathetic
    - Mentally strong since I always
    - Look for ways to cope in
    negative situations, in the
    most positive way.
    - focused on being the version
    of myself.

    Negative trait: I can lean to being more
    emotional than logical.

  • Looks (face & body): 5
    Personality: 6

    Good traits:
    1) My eyes
    2) I'm opened minded
    3) I can make people laugh

    Negative trait:
    I'm really, really, really mean. ESPECIALLY to the people I care about and don't want to lose.

  • Rating:
    -Looks: 5/10
    -Personality: 7/10

    3 + traits
    -I am smart. I like to research a lot.
    -I am trustworthy. I'm willing to help others who need it.
    -I'm a very "giving" person. I will gladly give my last penny to someone who needs it more.

    1 - trait
    -I can be a jerk or too sarcastic at times.

    • Come on!!! 5? You're higher than that!

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    • @Red_Arrow Eh. I think most people are average that's why. Hence the term average lol

      You're wrong though. I am a jerk. I am. Sometimes I try not to be, but it's hard lol I feel that my sarcasm can be toned down a few notches sometimes.
      But I have been raised with tough love. 'Tis what I'm used to and what I give.

      Haha but thank you :)

    • Those that follow you and know you on here, find your sarcasm perfect! We actually love it when you let loose (sarcasm, not sex... well... I guess sex too, but we are not privy to that) And if that is what you call being a jerk, then be a jerk! I stand by my rating of you and everything else I said!

  • Looks- to some an 8/9, to others a 5
    Personality- an 8 with a twist of 6 to some

    Best traits - physical, eyes, legs & feet
    Personality - empath, intuitive & kind

    • Based on your face being up for hours yesterday, I would have to say looks is more 9/10, and other guys on here obviously agreed. Can't say about the rest.

  • Looks: 7/10
    I think I'm generally attractive. I'm not at my prime yet though, so I still gotta wait!

    Personality 9/10
    I say 9 because not everyone gets along with me. They don't appreciate my sarcasm, but I'm a nice, easy-going, exciting person! I've been told I'm really easy to talk to and it's nice talking to me and hanging out with me. I like to make people smile and happy and cater to their general wellbeing.

    1. Eyes
    2. Smile
    3. Butt/thighs

    1. Caring/thoughtful
    2. Makes people feel good to be around/happy
    3. Supportive/respectful

    One negative trait about me is I can get lazy if my heart isn't really into it.

  • I think I am a good 7.5 to be honest
    Three best physical traits:
    My eyes
    My shortness
    My hair

    Three best personality traits:
    I am empathetic
    I am talented musically/creative
    I try to stay naiive and innocent

    one thing I could improve on:
    Being overly timid and shy when I see my crush
    or just not be overly positive to the extent where it is annoying haha

  • Rate 7-8

    3 best traits
    And kind heart

    Nagative trait is I find myself to be kinda boring, and too laidback and quiet

  • Looks: 6/7
    + I have a nice pair of boobs
    + my eyes are really bright blue, which most people like
    + my figure overall is just not that bad
    - my legs are kinda thick

    Personality: 7,5
    + I'm very easy to talk to
    + I'm trustworthy
    + people always feel comfortable to talk to me, even if it's about something unpleasant
    - sometimes I feel the need to tell someone the hard truth if they haven't asked for it. Trying to work on that.

  • Looks 8... long hair, skin tone, big eyes, and bruises/scars/marks.

    Personality 7... Friendly, opinionated, caring, and stubborn.

    • The last ones I listed is the negative trait as you may have guessed.

    • Well I was trying to keep my characteristics not shallow but honestly trade big eyes for my twins.

  • 8/10 for looks
    I've got great legs
    I like my eyes
    I've got a nice ass
    But my tits are too small

    9/10 for personality
    I'm energetic
    I'm funny
    I'm witty
    But if you don't understand my personality you'd just think I'm a bitch

    • Just sayin', your tits are NOT too small!! You are built quite nicely!

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    • There is no such thing like too small tits and size B stands for "Best". Believe me, do not ever want to change them, they are wonderful! With tits the size never is a matter. What matters is the shape and perkiness. What I see from your picture you have nothing to worry about.

  • 6/10

    positive traits: humor, open-minded, freckles
    negative trait: I'M TOO ROUGH ON MYSELF, MAN.

  • 5 for looks
    5 for personally
    Positive personality traits- Artistic, patient, friendly
    Negative personality traits- hot headed
    Positive traits about my looks - neat teeth, clear skin then some, hair
    Negative traits about my looks - Nose

  • 3 of your best traits about your looks
    - legs
    - eyes
    - petite size

    - kind
    - loyal
    - responsible

    1 negative trait
    - impatient

  • Look-idk but others rate me a 9
    Personality- 9 ( I try to be really nice, nonjudgmental, I like to make people laugh)
    Possitive- Big boob lol..., I don't judge, I'm empathetic.
    negative- I have trouble saying no to others

  • I'm about a 4. I get told I'm too ugly because I'm Asian. We look weak and debilitatingly pathetic. We can not speek engrish.

  • Very strict instructions. Looks: 7.5 personality: 6
    Good 3 things about looks: nice body, pretty face, beautiful skin tone.
    Good 3 things about personality: funny, Interesting, smart.
    1 bad thing about looks: I don't know.. I hate my thighs lol
    1 bad thing about personality: I'm selfish

  • 2.9?
    I'm really smart, pretty-ish I guess, and I'm traditional and old fashioned. What's negative is that I'm 13 and I'm basically falling apart. My body seems to be destroying itself more and more every year.

    • Ummmmm no, you're a 10, chicka.

    • Thanks, I'm glad you think so. I have some good moments where I don't even care at all and I could call myself a 10. I don't care what other people of me or how they rate me, so it's just my opinion when I say something like that.

  • I'd say a 6 for my looks and for personailty maybe a 7 and Id say three of my good traits about me are I'm artistic because I like to draw do blogs and sometimes try to do videos of my art work and as for my looks I like to be adventures with my style clouthes I wear and as for my negative well I don't think have one

  • This is hard, in my eyes I can honestly give myself this.
    Looks: 7.5
    Personality: 8.9

    I say 8.9 because I am very sociable with everyone, been told many times I'm funny, but I can truly be over dramatic and say things I regret.

    7.5 for looks because I am average. There isn't much special going on with my face, but there isn't anything going completely wrong with my face. Full of flaws, but not like 8.5s who are gorgeous or 10s who have absolutely nothing.

  • I think Im like 7.5

    -Good teeth, Nice Tits, and a Smooth redbone skintone
    -Caring, Goofy, and Romantic

    Negative Trait: Need a bit more ass lol

  • 7.5 or 8; I like my eyes, lips and my body.. I'm goofy always make people laugh...

    Flaws: I have a lot!

    My thin lifeless hair
    One crooked tooth
    Big nose
    Horrible skin; too dry and when I apply lotion i breakout so can never keep it hydrated
    Too Pale need to use filter to give my skin color
    Too much celulite
    A. D. D (im slow)
    I can be very judmental sometimes I have no filter which is bad

  • Looks: 6
    best traits: my eyes, my hair, my lips.
    negative: my teeth, eh
    Personality: 6/7
    Best traits: I'm friendly, genuine, accidentally funny :p
    negative: I'm awkward! It's a nervous thing xD

  • Looks: 7
    +Full lips
    +Hourglass figure
    +Men I've been with said I have soft skin
    -big nose


  • A zero. That a it.

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