I am so sad, I feel ugly right now. It happens ALWAYS?

I usually dont think I am ugly and no one ever told me I am ugly. I have a bf and I feel beautiful. Sometimes guys stare at me.. But I have a female friend who looks really just average (all my friends say she looks ugly) but whenever wr go out guys usually stare at her.

3 months ago a guy wanted her telephon number and today again 2 guys were staring at us and I thought they would like me too and then the 1 asked my female friend about her number and he said that she was really beautiful.

I am happy about my friend, but it makes me feel ugly. Why does it always happen am I really that ugly? Also I have noticed that it happens whenever i wear make up (just make up and mascara) when I am not wearing guys stare at me too. I dont know if it has something to do with it.

Extra informations:
I am tall
She is short
we both have brown hair and brown eyes

Please tell me what do you think.. I feel really ugly right now :(

Any opinions?


Most Helpful Guy

  • You should not feel ugly. Every individual finds beauty where they see it. Just because 1 or a few guys find your friend attractive, that doesn't mean that others don't find you attractive.

    When you see a group of guys standing around together do you find each of them hot?

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Sometimes the guys will think you are hot and others will think your friend is hot.

    • Yes you must be right!
      sometimes my friend thinks that someone is beautiful while I think he is not..
      so.. it depends

    • It does depend so don't sweat it.

      I am sure you are quite beautiful and I would hot on you instead of your girlfriend.

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What Guys Said 2

  • I'd love to give you info but I don't have much to go on. It could be that since your tall they feel you won't like them. Girls usually say they want tall guys... I'm 5" 2 so I'm like the reverse version of a tall girl... ( tall girls have it easier though).

    • Yes maybe you are right..

    • Cheer up, at least you aren't a short guy xD... Tall girls can be models as well o. o

  • I'm sure you're not ugly. Don't stress it too much!

    • They always atare at my friend.. why?

    • I don't know maybe they find her attractive; however, this DOES NOT mean that you are ugly

What Girls Said 2

  • Maybe make up doesn't look that good on you. It doesn't mean that you're ugly though. Maybe they just like your friend a bit more, but that shouldn't make you feel less about yourself.

    • But it is not that I wear much make up only mascara and a lip gloss..
      anyway I decided not to wear again..

    • Oh oke, well i also can't read their thoughts haha, but from what you said, appearently they like you better without make up :)

  • Obviously you look ugly as FUCK with makeup on.. So, why would you proceed to wear that fake tacky shit?

    Anyways, I don't know why you care if a bunch of ugly random fucklings find you hot or not... Your beauty has served it's purpose, because you got yourself a boyfriend.

    Personally, I feel ugly af too; but people don't really say it. The only reason this drives me crazy is because I've yet to get myself a man; and I want to be beautiful because it gives me a larger selection. Once I get that man who thinks I'm beautiful, everyone else's opinion is irrelevant.

    • I won't wear make up again haha
      I dont think I am ugly though, but yeah you are right I have a bf who thinks I am beautiful..

    • Yes, and so you should be happy about that. Like I said, your sex appeal has served its purpose. You're worth and self esteem shouldn't be build up on how many guys whistle, because at the end of the day; unless you plan to date them, it really serves no purpose.