Mr. Clean's shine or Jason Statham's stubble hair ladies?

I've been thinning since 21 and now I have a bald spot at the crown of my head (maybe from shaving my head over the years). Sadly, I was never able to achieve the hair style I wanted. So now I have to make do with what I got. I do have the head to rock being bald. Do you prefer razor shaved or trimmed short stubble hair? by the way, I usually sport the short to long stubble beard. (5o'clock shadow)

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I would have thought the ladies wouldn't have wanted the stubble on the head. Because if the irritations that it could cause while your guy is satisfying you orally. Maybe guys don't go all in like me...


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  • If a guy can pull off stubble it's so hot. If he can't... Yeh just shave.

    • You know where talking about stubble on the top of the head not beard stubble right?

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    • OK. I was wondering. Lol however, your right beard stubble is awesome and that's why I continue to keep the stubble beard. Now do you prefer short stubble beard or long stubble beard? Assuming both use shampoo and conditioner to keep the stubble soft.

    • Lol I didn't read the whole thing... My bad.
      I like short.

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  • Definitely go with the stubble. Also, a good baseball cap will show off your face and make you look younger. Not one of those obnoxious "trying to be gangsta" hats from lids or something. Just like an old school baseball cap. I know someone who looks 10 years younger the moment he puts one on, haha. Just a suggestion, see if you like it. :)


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  • if i was youi'd wear a wig, so i can "fake" baldness

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