Why does my family give me a pity full look or give me an awe face?

I went to my cousin house and people in my family kept give me an awe look. They kept saying you lost so much weight and I felt strange bc I don't think I lost much but whatever. Yet in my mind I feel like their pity me for my dreams or how mess up my past 4 years have been with depression and I don't like the feeling of attention. Why do they give me soft looks and pay attention to me.

no response?


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  • how much weight did you lose? if you lost a big amount of weight, then it's obvious...

    • 35pounds but it doesn't look like much!

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  • we can't see your face, so we don't know what your family is looking at, so we don't know what to tell you about your question...

    Just sayin'

    • lol... i know but I don't have any good pictures... lol

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    • Sorry for the rant... Lol I'm fine really!! I tell people around me !!! I'm okay !!

    • no need to apologize yo, its depression. We all need to vent

  • They probably don't know how to react to you yet... It may take time but they will eventually start understanding you do not need pity, just honesty and stability


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