Is my beard too patchy?

My beard grows patchy in some places, it's gotten better over the years but it kind of bugs me.

My question is, is it too patchy? My other question is for the men here, how long did it take for your beard to grow fully?

I should have mentioned this picture was taken when I was 20 over a year ago, and that my facial hair is lighter than the hair on my head, and has some blonde in there.


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  • i don't know since i shave regulary.

    but dude... better shave it off. it looks kinda weird in my opinion


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  • It's not too bad. But it's not thick and full either. If you say it's been getting better over the years, then maybe it'll continue that way! It's generally different for all men. Some grow it sooner, some grow it later, some never grow much.

    I know, I'm a girl, what do I know about beards?
    Trust me. I spend my days and nights on /r/beards.

  • Too much on your neck in my opinion

    • Actually, I think it's just his chin hair.
      And I think you just called him the most offensive name a man could be called: A neckbeard.

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    • I think he's generally good looking too, but I wasn't being serious towards you, haha

    • I don't even know what neckbeard is so don't worry. I assumed it had something to do with duck dynasty or something. I already shaved it all off, this is from a year ago give or take.

      I let it grow about over a month, I got impatient, it was multi colored and patchy/ itchy. But I'm thinking about giving it anther shot and waiting longer this time.

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  • dude are u sure u are 21 ?

    • Yes lol. This was taken at around early 20 or something. It also doesn't show up as much on camera because I have multi colored facial hair.