Question about my looks.. ?

just curious.. am i masculine looking? i been told so, how would u rate me on 10. and i from india but often told i look middle eastern.. why is that?

flickr dot com slash photos/10328273@N07/


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  • Not particularly. 5.5 . you should add a few more photos tho. Just to be sure

    • i uploaded one more.. can u check..

  • You look feminine not masculine. Whoever told you this are being silly. And I knew you were from India by just looking at it. I would rate you 7/10.


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  • Nope you're very pretty.

    • that commented i look like a man, is he kidding?

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    • She's prettier but that doesn't make you ugly. I would still call you pretty either way. Just because someone is better looking than someone else, it doesn't mean anything. There are women out there prettier than her but that doesn't make her ugly. I've already told you I think you're pretty so I don't get why you won't take my word for it.

    • ya thanks.. for ur input.. used to getting negative comments.

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