Does anybody know how to get rid of a beauty mark?

I have this beauty mark on my face and it will not go away, I've tried scratching it off but it grows back. It's about the size of a small circular pill and it's a light chocolaty brown that can not be hidden with any comcealer. My mother told me when I was younger that it was beautiful, but I thought it was ugly even to this day. Does anybody know any way to get rid of it for good?


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  • You'd have to go to a dermatologist and get a laser treatment or something.


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  • You'll grow to love it.
    So many things I hated about myself when I was a teenager I ended up growing to love.

    • I hope so. :)

    • Learn to love yourself.
      As a teen, I hated my big nose, eyebrow scar, big butt, etc...
      Now, I love all of those things about me and wouldn't change them even if I could.

  • i don't consinder it a bad thing

    i guess those marks can't leave anyway...


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