Would you consider me attractive? Yes? No? Why?

I will describe my self honestly because I can never get a straight opinion from anyone I know. I also want to let you know that I don't want compliments, just a simple opinion. I am 16 years old, 5'2, and pear shaped. I weigh 132 lbs. My measurements are 32-27-35. I have thicker calves. I have a relatively flat stomach, but I have a little bulge of fat on my lower abs that I'm extremely self conscious about. My thighs are the one thing I am most self concious about. I have tried everything to slim them down, but they won't.

I have light brown hair that is growing out after being cut into a pixie cut like Jennifer Lawrence's. My hair is about bob length and almost past my neck. My nose is honestly rather large and I hate it and I'm saving up for a nosejob. My eyes are dark green. My lips are full at the bottom and a little thinner at the top. My eyelashes are dark and thick, but normal length. My face is oval shaped and I have high cheekbones, but they are annoying because they make it look as if I have an extremely fat face when I smile a certain way.

As I previously mentioned, I'm not looking for a self esteem booster. It's shitty enough already and there's no helping it. I just need some honest opinions because everyone I know isn't honest, I can tell.

A picture of my nose that I hate the most about my self. And No, I'm not 14, lol I forgot to check the year when I signed up for GAG
What would you rate me out of 10?


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  • Well as far as your body goes, your height and weight are pretty purportional. I wouldn't worry about that little fat on the bottom of your stomach, you won't be able to get rid of it without being nasty skimpy. But what you are describing sounds above average so congrates. I don't know if you've got a picture but I can't give you an opinion on your nose (possibly shnoz) without seeing it. And sorry about the high cheek bones making your face look chubby, I have the same thing. Normal body, chubby face. But on the up side, I know a lot of guys who are really attracted to that kind of face


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  • i can see only your nose and eyes basically.

    anyway both are cute

    • I know but the guy below asked to see what my nose looks like and so I did.

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  • Where's the picture?

    • It's attached to my profile, but it's just a picture of my nose. Use the description to rate me, and let me know if you need me to be more descriptive.

  • Oh girl. You're a perfect 10~! CAN I BE YO MAN? :P

    • Lolllll

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    • you're*

    • ? I' m confused