GIRLS... say... do you find anything in me attractive OR how do I look?

many girls say that i am cute but boys say you look creepy and disgusting and is their anthing special or attractive on my face!!! #get to the link below...

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girlsssssss... opinionnn... please?
#GIRLSSSSSSSSSSSS... say somethingg?
girlssssssss... please... give out your opinion on my pic!!! ?


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What Girls Said 3

  • Smile and shave that mustache.

  • You look like a guy trying to act tough in front of his friends and crush. Dude relax your LIPS. You will be way more attractive if you just had a neutral face or maybe even smiled.

  • Hahahahhha, you look like my type! Just shave and trim probably cuz of others peoples views on u but honestly I wouldn't really give a damn lol. Just smileeeeeeee xo!

    • uhhhhhhhhhhhh... really... ;P ;P :P :D... by the way thnx for the opinion... ;) :D

    • Its okay ;)))))))!

    • :) :) ;)

What Guys Said 3

  • 1. No more creepy facial expressions.
    2. No more terrible pictures taken at unflattering angles.
    3. Shave that nasty mustache off.
    4. You'll be a good looking guy.

    • Seriously and no in the slightest bit being sarcastic... TRUST THIS MAN HE HAS A MAGNIFICENT BEARD!!! I mean seriously it's a gift, however with great beard comes great responsibility!!!

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    • It'd be a crime matter o'fact ima call the cops!!! Right now!!! But then your gonna have to do a "don't tazz me" video... I just pray they don't mace you it'd never come out of the beard and then I'd suggest a clean slate... But yeah no shaving not allowed lock up them razors... But you can keep the trimmer with a guide super glued on

    • @Shifted

      "Don't tase me bro!"

  • errr sorry dude, but n this pic you rsemble a member of the Italian mafia :-P

    • THANKYOU... cause i always wanted to b one... and i m on the job!!! ;) :3

  • Dude smile it will reassure ladies you aren't there beat them, you look Seriously Ptfo!!! So like me after work, but before beer.

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