Girls how do I look on a scale of 1-10?

the lighting is a bit funny but from this picture how would you rate me on a scale from 1-10?


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  • You look smug, like you're hiding something, possibly an erection.


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  • sorry dude, but you look way more mature and older that your age... if you want my opinion.

    i'm older than you and i'd never wear shirts nor cut my hair that short... you look like my dad :-P

    try to look more your age... and stop trying to look older... you'll regret it one day, when you hit 30 or so ;-)

  • Not a girl. But, you look pretty chill and classy. That shirt looks cool.
    You shouldn't have any problems pulling if that's what you're wondering dude xD

    • hahaha you would be surprised, in a small town its more about what family your from than your looks :P thanks by the way.

    • You're welcome bud, and that's odd haha.
      Where are you from?
      I'm from London, UK. So, I'm a city boy, haha.
      You get like every sort person here lmao. xD

    • im a baymen im from Newfoundland Canada, ever been? "baymen" is basically the equivalent to small town country boy, but im on the coast where there are more sailors than farmers haha

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