Girls: Please rate me out of 10?

Please be completely honest. Girls... well homosexual guys too, please rate me on a scale of one to ten. Be completely honest, but please keep harsh comments to yourself. And as for my age, no i am not 21, lol but just keep those kind of answers to yourself as well. I am just asking for a rating. Thanks! :)

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If u do hav an opinion to share, please include the reasoning for your answer. Like say what u like about me, and what u dislike. And again, please dont sugarcoat it. Thanks
I changed my profile pic, does my hair look any better when i style it like this? Lol


Most Helpful Girl

  • 7 or 8 but I'm a harder judge because I have a boyfriend, so yeah. You seem nice though and I'd definitely consider being your friend! But I don't really know you so...

    • Ouch..."nice". Lol i get that a lot 😅😰

    • Hey don't take it the wrong way. If everyone was made to look the same then life would be pretty flipping boring now, huh? And trust me "nice" guys are always the ones who get the best girls. Not those jerky gangsters. I'm sure you'll find a nice girlfriend!

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  • The haircut takes away like at least 2 points. You should try something that will give you a bit more volume and maybe a darker shade of blonde. At least that's my opinion

    • What do u mean more volume? And do u hav any suggestions as to a type of haircut that would suit me better? Just plain old short hair seems too boring for me -_-

  • It's obvious you're not 21 but I still have one question - is your hair green?

  • wow ur eyes?

  • Get a haircut.

  • i think you look lovable and kind , maybe try to have a more manly haircut , like spiky :D

    • Thankyou. But as for the hair cut i would like to grow it out and see how it looks on me, but if it doesn't fit me too well, i will change to a shorter haircut.

    • it seems that your hair is so fair , light and silky , if you grew it longer it will look more feminine , i think a more manly haircut will suit you better, but you are ok

    • I guess u hav a point, i will consider it. Thanks for the advice!

What Guys Said 2

  • not a homosexual, but i'd like to ask you is there sth wrong with your left eye? or is it just your pic?

  • i got a good lol out of ur pic