What do u think would be a good haircut for me?

I've been told that i should get a different haircut because it makes me look unattractive. Does anyone hav any suggestions for a haircut that would suit me better? If u can describe a haircut thatd be ok, but a link to a pucture of a haircut would be great! I really dont want to just go back to having short hair with no style tho... its just so boring. I want a unique hairstyle which is why i went for the one that i hav, but I've been told to change it so... What do u guys think? Should i keep my hairstyle, or do u hav any suggestions for one that would look better on me? Thanks!

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PS: I am still growing my hair out, my current hair is not the haircut that i was going for. The hair cut that i was going for was a haircut that would only cover one of my eyes. But my hair is not quite there yet. Should i continue to grow it out, or change my style?


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