What do you call this? [18 yr old male]?

Pictures can be found in "about me" section of profile. Copy and paste link and you'll see them

If you look at the pictures you'll see that my lower belly protrudes a bit, and it kind of sticks out from the rest of my body. Is there a term for that? I'm just wondering. If I knew the term I could look up workouts to get rid of it. What is the term for that? You can consult the pictures for more info on what I am talking about. as they show specific areas I am referring to.

I really appreciated the help I got before, so I thought I might get more help. Thank you in advance :)

I'm 18 years old and male

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by the way, I know it seems that if you pick the second one in the poll it is insulting, but it isn't. Just chose that one if you don't think my stomach is toned, don't worry about insulting me. Honesty is always the best policy
I'd appreciate it if you'd answer question if you answer poll thanks


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  • man i can't see anything..

  • It looks normal to me

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