GIRLS (and guys)... how is my body?


Let me just say that this isn't a plea for attention and I'm not fishing for compliments. I also don't have body dysmorphia, though I know my body isn't the best body out there. I'm a guy, and I want to improve my body that's all this is.
Also I know I look a bit young for my age, but I am not lying about how old I am. I had later development than others :/

Basically I'm going to ask you four questions, and I hope you guys can answer them. The idea is that I'll post new pics every month or so, and see if the answers change. If they do, that will let me know I am making progress. It took a lot of guts on my part to post these pics so I would not be doing it unless I thought it would benefit me in some way. Please be honest. If you think my body is a "1" vote "1." I do not base my happiness on my body, so it won't cause me to be depressed if you do not like it. I am looking for people who can actually help me, as I think honesty is always best when it comes to fitness. If you can, feel free to follow me and answer questions I may have in the future

Also, I know I am very skinny. You do not need to inform me of what I already know.

The pics that you'll need to accurately answer these questions are in the about me section of my profile (I HOPE THIS ISN"T A PROBLEM, AS IT WOULD NOT LET ME POST LINK.

My four questions are:

1. Should I focus more on gaining muscle or losing fat?
2. Am I skinny fat or just skinny?
3. What would you rate my body on a scale of 1-10 (use poll below)
4. How can I improve my body?
Answer all of these to win best answer.

Also ignore the comments in the polls and just pick the number you think is most accurate. The idea is that if my body improves, more people will vote for the higher numbers and that will tell me if i'm improving. I can handle it, I promise :)

  • Your body is a "1"- Have you ever worked out in your life?
    Vote A
  • Your body is a "2"-it's a body, but it definitely isn't a good one
    Vote B
  • Your body is a "3"- OK, but needs improvement
    Vote C
  • Your body is a "4"- It's OK in its current state, but it wouldn't hurt to improve it
    Vote D
  • Your body is a "5"- I want it/are you sure you aren't a god?
    Vote E
Select a gender to cast your vote:
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Pics are in about me section. Don't be afraid of being honest, I can handle it. I'm doing this because I want to be healthy. If people can reveal themselves in videos on YouTube and all of their flaws, I figure surely I can do it with still images with my face cut out and where i am anonymous
No need to be shy about commenting. The comments will help me the most. As long as you aren't mean, be as brutally honest as you possibly can be. Personal trainers do not sugar coat things, and look at the results they produce.


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  • Gain muscle.
    Dude, wtf is with your belly button?

    • I blurred it out. Wasn't sure what the rules were about that kind of thing. It doesn't look like that naturally.

      Any tips for how I can gain muscle?

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    • Thank you for your input and honesty. I will definitely look into that :)

    • You're welcome. Best of luck :)

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  • Gain muscle
    Average, can't put a number on it, sorry.
    Just weights and cardio.

    Your body isn't perfect, but it's definitely not a bad body. It's just standard.


What Guys Said 3

  • just average... but your elly button and nipples look kinda weird in my opinion : O

  • You should train. Start with some light dumbbells and workout every other day. When you start to be comfortable with the workouts, get some heavier dumbbells and do small sets per muscle to have more muscle gain. You can buy powder protein that you can consume after every workout to make muscle growth faster. Don't worry proteins aren't bad for your health, unlike steroids haha. Oh and eat less "bad" food.

    • Alright, thanks for the advice. I am going to start weight training, but someone else said I needed heavy weights. Are light ones sufficient, because I would rather train with light weights?

      And I'll eat more protein and less bad food.

    • Start out with light ones to get used to workouts, bur remember light ones will not really make your muscles grow. The heavy ones will make your muscle grow by a lot, because they will tear your muscles. That why I told you to do small sets per muscle.
      Oh and I forgot to tell you that you should incorporate some cardio in your workouts too as it burns more calories and you will lose fat faster. That way you will gain muscle and lose fat.

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    • So I should start lifting more? I was thinking about incorporating that. Any idea of good exercises to build muscle. I know I have to up my calories but I don't know of any exercises specifically. But yeah, I'm a weakling. Thank you for the response :)