Which part of my body should I focus on the most?

Sort of a follow up to my last question. My body pics are in my "about me" section in my profile. Feel free to answer my other question as well :)

  • Abs- you have a weak/puny/flabby stomach
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  • Arms-you have weak/puny/flabby arms
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  • chest- you have a weak/puny/flabby chest
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  • Midsection but not because of lack of muscle but because of excess fat
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  • Belly button- you have a weak/puny/flabby belly button :)
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All these things are true, but which part should I focus on the MOST?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Posture, I can tell from the way your collarbone sticks out that you're constantly shurgging and your shoulders cave in. Stretch the shit out of those pecs and lats and work on getting mid-back strength to hold you up properly (pretend you're trying to squeeze a walnut in between your shoulder blades standing up. This should be your passive posture). You do this mostly with bent over rows by bending over with a barbell at a 45% angle, squeeszing your shoulderblades, and pulling the bar to your belly button (very short range of motions). Once you get the posture under control, aesthetically your chest will look insanely better but it's also the most underdeveloepd so you need to pump that up while continuing to stretch your chest and lats EVERYDAY. Your mid section is fine, I wouldn't worry about it.

    • Alright, thank you for the input. I don't have good posture in fact, I typically slouch a lot. I guess that affects the body over time. I'll start doing some stretches, but I don't have a barbell on hand. Will a dumbell work?

    • You really should get access to a gym, but yes. Since the mid back muscles are small dumbells will work. Just make sure you use underhand grip (Palms face up). I'd also get in the habbit for doing 3 sets for 20 push ups nightly b4 bed. Make sure you do them from the position of squeezed shoulderblades. That will work your chest our proeprly. If you slouch while you do them or you let your shoulders roll forward that will only fuck your posture up more. Good luck!

    • Thanks man, but I think I'll just clear a spot in my room. It is big enough that I'll have a space to exercise in. Thanks for the tips though, it really helps. I guess I'll use dumbells instead of barbells then, and I will ensure not to slouch while exercising

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  • Arms chest and stomach I think. You'll look amazing.

    • So in other words, all of the above? If you had to pick one out of those three for me to work on which would it be?

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    • I don't think you have too much fat or lack muscle, your body just looks like the average guy who doesn't work out and not like a models body. Some guys do work for that body, but it's not a necessity, just do it if you want to because you don't exactly NEED to, you're normal really. You look like you're naturally slim anyway, and some naturally slim guys don't gain so much muscle they just stay slim but cut, so you might end up like that maybe.
      I don't think you need to focus on burning fat, just do the muscle if you're trying to get muscular.

    • Alright, sounds good. Thank you for all of your advice and helpful words :)

What Guys Said 4

  • Focus on the big muscle groups. Incorporate exercises that are high intensity i. e. sprints and squats. You have abs; you just need to lose the fat. Do more chest presses as well.

  • why not face/hair?

  • chest without a doubt. it makes you look emaciated.

    • Yeah, that seems to be the favorite amongst voters so far. I am underweight tbh, so I guess I'll focus on my chest area

    • Other than the person that picked belly button completely missing that that was only there as a joke...

  • F: All of the above.

    • Uh alright. It would be better to have a specific spot to workout the most, and workout all the other spots at the same time... but I suppose that is an option

    • Alright, if anyone agrees with this dude just thumbs up his comment I suppose and I'll count that as a vote in the poll

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