What would you assume?

I'm curious what assumptions women/girls make about me based on my looks and what you would rate me as from 1-10. thanks, this should be interesting


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  • I'd rate you about a 7

    • thanks for the feedback

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    • Welcome!

    • Thanks for MHO

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  • @your_boss960 i'm calling you out. this guy has the same age with me, do you believe he looks older than me with the suit and all that stuff? i'd pass him as ~30 personally. what about you? be honest!!

    • Some people look older. Does my appearance make you feel like you have a baby face or something?

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    • @your_boss960 that hurt as much as a kick in the balls

      you made an enemy now. congrats. you'll bever get a MHO from me again after this

    • @your_boss960 and i was telling you that 30 isn't middle-aged to make you fele better BUT IT IS almost-middle-aged.