Girls... can you give comments on my DP... how do I look in this pic?

girls... what do you think... am i looking a bit attractive in this pic... or not... i have uploaded this pic on my FB profile... do u think my crush will like it... and how she will think this pic as... hot, sexy.. or what?

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k... i got the link nww... GIRLS please say... how this pic sounds? would any girl find this pic adorable?


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  • No, girls wouldn't think this is adorable. They would think , as I do, that you are manufacturing a scenario to imply that you go to the gym and keep healthy, but what gym-frequenting guy would wear jeans to do a workout?

    • no... actually truth is... i was having a fun with my friends... and suddenly decided to hit the jim... jst for fun... and i grabbed on dumble without any sense... and my frnd clicked that... thats it... AND doing workout with jeans ohh fuck it sounds shit... that would be like having sex on a 2 feet bar... ;P

    • Yeah, it just looks like you're trying a bit too hard. Just take a pic and if girls like it, they like it.

  • Oh. I answered a question about DP and I thought it was about double penetration.

    The one where I say Noooooooooooo!

    So uh what is DP otherwise?


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  • p*rn has ruined me.
    I thought you were asking for our comments on your double penetration.

  • >Wears skinny gyms to the gym
    >Has poor spelling & grammar
    >Overuses ellipses

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