What is this called? Abs? Toned? Pooch? Excess belly fat?

See how the middle of my stomach kind of sticks out a bit. Well, I found this other picture online where the person's stomach does kind of a similar thing. People commented on that picture saying the person had a stomach "pooch." I looked it up and apparently a pooch is something women often get post pregnancy as a result of the pregnancy. I also found out that a belly "pooch" is caused by excess fat. Apparently a lot of people have them post pregnancy. My question is this. I am a guy, but I have the same sort of protrusion. I don't think it can be a pooch, because I don't think guys can get pooches. So I was just wondering if it really is a pooch or if I have abs or something else. Do I have a pooch like the woman in the picture, or is it something else? (people said the woman in picture did so i took their word for it)


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All answers appreciated
IF you answer the poll can you answer question too please. Also, what can I do to get rid of it if I have one. Thank you


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  • next time show us a more clear picture and not something is zoomed in like 5x
    its not fat its looks somewhat like abs i suppose


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  • guys have them but they get them from being either fat or it comes with middle age. Like women, it's hard to get rid of. Guys just have an easier time getting rid of it because it doesn't take as much time to put our bodies into the "mode." that is a physical cycle where the body is readily responsive to exercise.
    for women it takes nearly three times as long (or work) depending on how you want to look at it because their physiology is designed (by nature - for you nitpickers) to carry extra weight. now if you use a little common sense you also come upon the realization that pregnant women don't exactly run marathons. And the longer the pregnancy goes on, the less quickly they move. That is because of (naturally) the pregnancy developing to completion. plus the weight gain is not solely from immobility, it is also a need for the development concerning nutrition and both individuals safety.
    why "can't" women seem to lose weight after a particularly heavy pregnancy? "after" being 2 or 3 years; because women get complacent. i. e. they get lazy. some try and fail miserably because they expect too much too soon. they do not realize they have been near sloth-like for years. and as said before, it takes 3 times as long for women to "jump-start" their metabolisms. that is 6 months easy of 4 times a week for 20 minutes a day... cardio combo exercise. (google it). just like the commercials advertise late night. 6 months for the average woman to begin her "mode." that is daunting because women have tons of excuses as to why they will not do it. "too much extra work for nothing. he's not going anywhere." "he's no prize himself." "too many errands to run." "work & then I have to come home and cook" "the kid (s) need help with their homework". some valid; some not so much. all still excuses.
    but the main ingredient for people who wish to lose that pooch, or weight in general, is "want." you have to truly have a desire to do it. desire requires dedication. without either of those you WILL have nothing but frustration & disappointment.
    so you do not have a pooch. you are just fat. take some weight burners with your workout if you are going for that bigoted abercrombie & finch washboard look. if you don't take drugs for working out then you'll have to incorporate an intense regiment of lower-body exercises. i have found any exercise involving kicking mixed with or followed closely by any modified sit-up exercise the most effective; try to keep pelvis movement minimal.


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  • i'd say toned