GIRLS Is this a turn on or turn off (my stomach I mean) (I'm a guy)?

Just wondering if my stomach is a turn on, turn off, or neither. A bunch of people said I had a pooch, and that means there is excess fat so that is what I was wondering. Please answer honestly, I can always workout to change the areas of my body I don't like but only if I know I need to. Also, if you answer turn off, what is more of a turn on to you?

My picture is the one not of the person in the bikini. That is someone else

  • Your stomach is a turn off, you NEED to improve it if you want girls to like it
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  • Your stomach is a turn on, it is looking good and girls will like it
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  • Doesn't do either, you can improve it if you want but you don't need to
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Tips for how to make it look better would be greatly appreciated, simply comment down below :)
Why would I ask again?


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  • It's so up close, I can't really understand how you look.


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  • Ask one more time, just in case...


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  • weren't you posted this before?