GIRLS: What do you think of my stomch Someone told me to ask one more time, so I am, just in case (I'm a guy)?

I appreciate all answers. Just wondering what you think of my stomach, as someone told me to ask again

  • Your Stomach is flabby and poochy
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  • Your stomach is fit and toned
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This is my LAST TIME ASKING. I'm getting tired of this, but I did you a favor and posted it again. Can you respond please, since I posted it entirely because you asked me to?
A third option is a mixture of those two. Thank you to all who respond, I'm not answering one on one. But if you have any fitness tips that could help me/info that could help me/opinions that could help me be sure to comment. It will not go unseen and will be appreciated. Also, vote honestly on the poll


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  • Ask one more time... Just in case.


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  • dude how many times did you ask this question?

    5? 10? 15? :-P