What should I where this summer? (I'm a guy)?

Given how my body looks, should I go shirtless or shirt on. I'm a guy by the way. What should I do to look better shirtless?

This is my last question about this, because I've already asked a few. (hopefully not too many) :/

Don't change your vote just because I've posted a lot of these. Vote honestly, I promise this is my last one. I don't know how often you are supposed to ask these questions :/ How often would you say you should ask?

  • Shirt on. If I had a stomach like that I wouldn't want other girls to SEE it/I wouldn't as a girl want to see it
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  • Shirt off. If I had a stomach like that I would want other girls to see it/I would as a girl want to see it
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Someone told me to ask again also, I hope that person isn't just ttrying to get me in trouble :/ Sorry if I asked too much but I'm done now, it is just something I've been feeling anxious about that's all
I appreciate all answers, and I really hope I didn't annoy you. How often do people post a question on here in general? I won't be asking/posting for a while so cya guys I guess? I'm new to GAG so i don't know what the rules are :/


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  • Why do you have to write (I'm a guy)? Do I need to tell you I'm a girl lol?

    • hello

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    • can you please vote?

    • Whoever voted that can you tell me A. Why you voted for it and B. What i should do to improve?

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  • if it's hot go shirtless and don't are about your body. ;-)

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