GIRLS: How does my stomach look, what should I do to improve it, do I have a stomach pooch, and should I wear a shirt or not wear it? (I'm a guy)?

I had to ask again because I'm getting divided answers. Plus I figured I would just burn my last question, since I am cancelling my account after today most likely. I just want to know what I should do. The "my" in the poll refers to me aka the person who's been asking these questions

  • My stomach is flabby, I have a pooch, I should wear a shirt because it isn't very good, and I should exercise
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  • My stomach is toned, it is more or less fit, I shouldn't wear a shir t because it is good, I don't need to exercise but I can if I want
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  • My stomach is between the two, I have a pooch, I could where a shirt but I don't NEED to, and I could exercise but I don't need to
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  • EXERCISE, my stomach is poochy and flabby, and you could seriously use it
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  • DON'T EXERCISE, your stomach is perf as is
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I know, but this is guaranteed my last question. I have asked five and i literally couldn't ask any more whether I wanted to or not. I apologize, but as I promised I will be cancelling my account so you never have to hear from me again. I know I have asked too many questions so I am sorry, but this is something I have always been really anxious about, and I want to see how other people feel about it and if they feel the same way I do. Again sorry, I'll be leaving soon :/


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  • too blur dude...

  • You should eat more

    • eat MORE? isn't that kinda counterproductive to getting in shape?