GIRLS & GUYS: Help!! Are these man boobs a. k. a gyno?

Please see this pic of mine and tell if I'v got man boobs. Will any girl date me? Can I fix em with working out? Please help

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  • No its normal for me
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  • no they look normal in my opinion

    anyway i'm surprised that you worry about them instead of your... body hair. no offence but you seem to be kinda hairy. :-/

    unless you like being hairy, tehn no prob


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  • my fiances chest looks like that except that he has smaller nipples and no hair. He was chubby most of his life. at one point he lost a lot of the weigjt then he gained a little back. When you loose and gain weight it causes your skin to be loose. I know becasue i have loose skin as well. He has decided to go to the gym so that he can fill his chest up with some muscle. His chest does look a little more defined but he still has the saggy nips. I think he looks great any kind of way but he says he just wants to start packing on musle just for him and to just be in shape and feel good about himself. I think he doesn't like his man boobs because he likes to point them out all the time and joke about them when no one really sees them but me, but he doesn't let that stop him from taking his shirt off at the beach or when he is with me.

    If you really dont like them then you can just go lift weight if it makes you feel better. Or you can just be comfortable with who you are and embrace them. Women are attracted to men who are very comfortable with themselves. The thing that pulled me to him was definitely his confidence. He wasn't afraid to be himself around me.

  • Seems ok to me... just get rid of those hairs :)


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