Is this a belly/gut or flat stomach? I'm 18 btw?

Do you consider this a belly or a flat stomach? Here's the link https://s304. photobucket. com /user/tin photo2/library/ just remove the spaces. Also, I read somewhere that excess fat can cause your belly to "hang" is it starting to hang? Comment down below, I am trying to get an idea of my overall fitness but don't have the time or money to get it calculated at a gym. I'm 18 by the way

  • Flabby gut with excess fat
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  • Flat, toned stomach
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  • Flat, but not toned stomach
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  • Hanging stomach with excess fat (whatever that means)
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  • Other (type answer below)
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Just look for the spaces and remove them, then paste the link to see aformentioned photos
Also if you vote "hanging stomach"m please explain what it means because I havne't a clue


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  • fix your link bro... it doesn't work for me :-/

  • Looks fine. I'm guessing somewhere around 15% Body Fat, maybe less since you can see some ribs. Definitely not a gut, there's definition there. Keep hitting the gym and eating right, and it will look even better, just takes time.