GIRLS Rating from 1-10 on looks?

Hey girls, I'm a 17 y o guy. Could you please rate me from 1-10 and y, I've been noticing tht girls have been checking me out but haven't really before, I know that personality comes first but beyond that point what do girls look for in a guy? Im 5"11 and about 170lbs, slim/fit but decent muscle, have light blue/greyish eyes with dark brown hair. Do you find glasses a possitive or negative? I wear them most often but dot like to wear them cuz think I look like garbage with them on :P but any comments would be greatly appreciated, thanks.



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  • A rating question without any visuals? 😮
    You'd definitely fail if this were a course in school xD

    • Link isn't working

    • you didn't even post a link.. how do you know it doesn't work? if it's not there? :/

    • I couldn't because my xper level is below 2 ... I just got an account and can't post a link

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  • no pictures boy...

  • Well they definitely aren't checking you out for your intelligence