Guys at the gym?

So I've been going to the gym for about 1 month now and every time I go, guys are ALWAYS staring at me. It's like every where I turn someone is always looking at me. Then these questions pop up in my head like, "Do I look okay? Am I using this machine right? Am I doing something wrong?" etc. I'm not that pretty and I'm a little overweight. Not like you can tell I am, I'm more on the curvy side. So why do these guys keep looking at me?

Thanks for everyone's answers! I really appreciate them. (:


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  • probably because ur a girl and girls dont know what they are doing, us guys think overweight girls are ugly so i doubt they are looking at u for that


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  • Most guys stare at girls in public.

    However, you said you're curvy: I LOVE curvy girls! Most guys I know agree too! They look amazing in yoga pants, tights and other workout gear!

    I would be one of those guys staring too... lol.

    • Haha thanks. (: I would have made you the most helpful comment but you replied after I already made somebody else. But as of now, you are the most helpful. Thank you!! (:

    • It's ok! Lol. It must be tough being a curvy girl in the gym. I bet harassment is a daily thing there.

  • In between sets people look at people. It happens. You wouldn't know that they're looking at you unless you looked back.

    by the way you're still a gym newbie so you may simple be a new face to the regulars

  • unfortunately that happens in gyms. if you get annoyed by it you can tell it to your trainer

  • Maybe there arnt any other people like you at the gym so you seem different?

    You might be a bit paranoid?

    They might look at everyone like that?

    I don't know

  • guys at your gym are pervs try switching gym


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