Would you consider my body Good/Bad/Average (pics)?

This will be the last time I post this (I promise) just want to get any thoughts I didn't get before

Pretty much would you consider me muscular or not and any reasons why you decided yes/no please share.

Thanks again
https:// i61. tinypic. com/2my9stz. jpg
https:// i61. tinypic. com/2empok7. jpg
https:// i62. tinypic. com/2qx0obc. jpg
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  • https://i61.tinypic.com/2my9stz.jpg

    Compared to the average man this is good

    Compared to natural bodybuilders and physique competitors it's really bad

    • Thanks for reply. I'm not a bodybuilder so I guess it's alright

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  • I don't think average people have abs. But it looks good.

    • Thanks for the reply. Quick question aside from my abs do you think my Arms and the rest of my body looks ok? On a scale of 1-10 where would you personally say I was?

    • Yes, they look okay. Good actually. I'd say 8. I would wanna see bigger stomach to balance out the arms.

    • Thanks again for the reply 8 that's not bad at all. Sorry i'm a bit slow haha but are you saying my arms looks big or small and by bigger stomach do you mean more muscle or more fat/size? Lol like I said i'm a bit slow

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  • i can't see anything basically... did you take them down?

  • average, taking a couple pics on when you have a pump and good lighting doesn't count, why dont you put a picture up when you dont have a pump and when your not tensing and in normal lighting, then we'll see

    • No pump mate veins show when I tense had not worked out before hand