My eyebrows are very messed up, is anyone willing to kik me for advice?

When i was younger I SHAVED my inner eyebrows. Long story short they grew back ugly so i started plucking them and a year later i realized i've been plucking them TOO FAR apart. :( they look horrid to me. I need to grow them back. Comment below if you can kik me. I'll comment my kik on your answer. (: Thank you in advance!! I really need the help!


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  • Leave them alone for a looong time. Until they've grown fully. Then go to a salon and get a professional to dye and shape them properly. After that you can start to pluck them to keep the shape. It's best to get the person at the salon to wax them. Then it's done sooner.


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  • then wait.

    they'll grow back if you let them grow

  • im late but id still like your kik lol


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