Is a picture worth a thousand words?

I have been wondering recently about how first impressions play out for girls, and how much they judge a guy based on how he seems to them or "looks" at first glance. So I've come here to ask you girls directly. How much do you judge based off of a guy's image alone, and how deeply do you try and read into someone's personality based on just their facial expressions before you even speak to them?

And out of curiosity, what kind of judgements do you think you and other girls make about myself for instance, based on my profile picture?

Thanks for the feedback!


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  • Initially we would go by looks of course - because that is all you have to go by. And yes, if he looks good then we might watch how he interacts with others and that gives a clue as to what kind of personality he might have. I guess you are always collecting more information and forming an opinion about how much you like someone as you get to know them.


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  • I do try and analyze people, like 'he looks like a mummy's boy :)' or 'he looks like he just wants to sit indoors all day' 'he looks like a genuinely lovely lad' 'he looks like my future husband' 😂

    From you I'd go with 'He looks a nice guy, like he spends time with his family and likes a few outdoors/car stuff' haha !


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  • Yes i believe that phrase is true in MOST cases... not ALWAYS

  • To me 5 words I don't give a f@#%

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