Rate my looks from 1-10 ?

Rating from 1-10 and why. I'm 17, Canadian, 5"11, 168lbs, athletic, brown hair blue eyes.

(should be able to see my profile picture if not I apologize for this question because I can't add a Link until xper level 2)

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What Girls Said 5

  • Ugggghhh. Dream man...11

  • need to have a full length view to have a clear image of what you actually look like, having a cropped image makes you look quite average

  • You probably are the perfect guy!

  • You look too skinny
    But you have an average face

    • I don't know what you'd consider skinny but I am pretty thin I don't wanna be to bulky just lean :P not that kind of guy

    • Hmm some women like lean men, so who cares
      At least you don't have a gross face :)
      I didn't rate you tho. I would say a 6 or 7 out of 10

    • Lol everyones different and thanks for being honest :)

  • Not really my type. I guess a 5. That face you're making isn't helping you.


What Guys Said 4

  • with glasses,6
    without glasses,8

    • Yeah I agree but my eyes are bad at distance so gatta deal with it sadly thanks for the input

  • I rate 2 for looking conpletley dumb pouting like a chick

    • Honestly don't care what you think lol wouldn't have expected anything from a guy anyways...

    • @asker well you asked.
      If you wasn't pulling some weird face I would of gave more but that photo is the definition of try hard.

    • It was actually a picture that I sent a girl from a little while ago but thanks for the input the pics changed

  • DAM hella cute tho but the pose not to good 7

    • Lol and what is te pose exactly? I just took a pic because everyone was saying it was my pose that was killing it before so I fixed what I could... But thanks for the input

    • No need to fix this picture of you looks good :3 lol

  • I'd say 7. You've got a good face shape but the pout and the vest top don't do you any favours

    Remember it's not just face and body type but how you dress and carry yourself as well.

    • You people can't be satisfied... Lol jk I changed the photo and I'm wearing a muscle shirt and I didn't know I was pouting but I'll remember that thanks for te input