What's up with my looks?

I've had mixed, neutral (?) reactions when I approach girls recently. So what's up with that? How do I look?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • You are really quite attractive, maybe you just were not some of the girls idea types.

    • I think each women do have their different take of attractiveness so I guess I shouldn't pay more attention to it. My personality has always been the same, quiet but confident. As time passes the game becomes harder it seems so evidently I grew very self-conscious. Thanks!

    • Girls really do get more picky as the years go on for the most part, I'm not sure why I guess they think they deserve the world. And if you aren't their ideal type they can be a wicked douche to you, which is defiantly hurt confidence. But I can promise you are a good looking man, and just because you aren't one girls ideal look, doesn't mean there aren't 100 out there that would die to have you.

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What Girls Said 7

  • The mixed reactions can be more of how you're approaching them, not your looks.
    You look attractive.

    Don't worry, I'm sure most people who are the ones approaching get rejected a few times. I've been rejected by all the guys I have approached. I don't think I'm hideous looking, but who knows, maybe they did.

    • Yeah it's weird like the girls I approach don't seem nervous or anything but they also don't act very open with me I don't know what to make of it. You are pretty and women generally get much better responses so probably the guys you've approach get shy on you or something.

      It seems odd to me that there are times everyone talks to you and likes you and other where everyone seems to agree and just ignore you, that's where I'm in at this point. Thanks for your opinion anyways.

    • I must not be pretty or a woman lol I have no luck when asking out guys.
      But thanks for the compliment :)

      Yea, I feel like that too sometimes. Maybe it's more about how you behave that day not necessarily your looks. Sometimes I'm really depressed or negative and I can understand why people are trying to avoid or ignore me.
      And you're welcome :)

  • You're in between okay and attractive right now... I'd say cute.

    Grow your facial hair/5 o' clock out a bit more and I'd. say you're sexy:

    wac.450f. edgecastcdn. net/80450F/popcrush. com/files/2011/08/AdamLevineOutITP. jpg

    • I'll try that, maybe it fits better for me. Thanks!

  • You're attractive. More self confidence would make you even more appealing.

  • You look just fine

  • You should be more self confident, really :)

  • You are quite attractive

  • girls have different opinions on what they think is classed as hot etc

    • You are right, but I'm not sure I have attractive facial features? My personality is the same as always but I'm not getting any younger I guess..

    • you are too old for me but u aren't that bad!

What Guys Said 3

  • just average dude...

  • Even though I'm a guy and ur a guy, I'll say that your average attractive looking.
    Just have good hygiene and girls will come. Like brush your teeth, shower.

    • Thanks for the tip man!

  • Again with the looks?
    Most probably it's your lack of confidence.

    • I'm not sure what you mean with again cause I never ask it or is it a popular question? Isn't this an opinion site anyways?

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    • Yeah the personality thing is right though what you said first was pretty much unnecessary, I was posting from my cellphone so I'll elaborate now... thing is I've never been over talkative or intense but I'm very confident and nice to talk to, but I came to the conclusion that looks do matter a lot in the end so maybe I need to improve my style or something I don't know... I have to keep trying harder as time goes though I consider to be relatively successful in dating.

    • @asker of course looks matter, that usually what sparks the initial attraction between to people.