What do you think? Plastic surgery question. please answer?

congenital eyelid ptosis is abnormal drooping of the eyelids. Congential means born with. Its due to lack of muscle development in eyelids.

I have congential eyelid ptosis. In my case the lids are lower than normal but don't block my vision. I am thinking of surgery but I don't know if I should go through with it bc I am against plastic surgery unless its to fix a birth defect or medical issue. Since it doesn't block my sight the surgery isn't needed yet. My morals are getting in the way.

So would u consider this the same as getting a birth defect fixed even with it not affecting my vision, or not?

please be honest and tell me ur opinions
Basically what I am asking is do you consider congential eyelid ptosis that does block sight a birth defect?


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  • It would help to have a picture to see what you mean. At the moment two hours have passed since you posted and the only response is one woman. So I will give my best answer with nothing to see. If you have a condition that attracts attention in a negative way, And I imagine trying to converse with someone who can't help but see the problem when looking you in the eye, will cause discomfort for you and the other person. If that is the case, I believe that getting the surgery would help you feel much better about yourself, and that is extremely important. But makes sure it will not cause other problems. If you already have weak eyelids, what will surgery do to them?


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  • Well, it is not that much about moral issues as you think. The only thing you should think abut is whether you will feel better whith different eyelids. Will you look in the mirror and see yourself, not the other girl you hevan't seen bfore? If it will help you to like yourself more than you do now, go for it. The only think that matters in your case, is what you think it will bring you.

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