How do I rate? Just curious?

Well I put on my usual winter weight so I am starting to track my calories and hitting the gym a little more consistently. But I am curious.. if you saw me on the beach today what would you think?

I plan on losing 15 lbs

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  • lose 15 lbs
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5'6". 175 lbs


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  • you look decent dude... don't worry


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  • Can't really rate since I don't know how much you weigh to begin with.

    • 5'6" 175 lbs

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    • I've seen on YouTube a 65 year old guy who was ripped. If he can do that then anyone can at any age. Unless they have something physically wrong with them.

    • I prefer a little softer look for myself although that is very impressive

  • You look completely fine. You're not heavy at all. And I'm not a fan of guys who are ripped so you have a perfect body to me

    • Thank you! but I hate the muffin top when I wear jeans

    • Even if you are a little chubby, a lot of girls like that. It means you're more cuddly :3

    • I do love to cuddle lol

What Guys Said 1

  • It's not the weights you need to hit as you are bulky enough. You either need to diet or do cardio to burn a little more fat.
    You look fine though as you are but don't try get hencher.

    • I used to lift heavy but now I lift light just for excerise.. thanks for your opinion

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