How old do I look to you?

Everyone gets my age messed up and I was curious what you believe my age to be? Also it may or may not be the age I indicated. Personally I still believe I look 14.


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  • I understand the feeling. People still ask what "school" I go to, and are visibly taken aback when they learn my age. 14-years, or a young 15, is the most that is ever expected.

    I am awful at guessing the ages of other people, though... and with my experience, I don't even want to make that attempt. You do look youthful, however. Awesome hat.

    • Thank you and also I agree. I look at old pictures of myself and I still look like the same whenever I was 12.
      Everyone had this major change where they don't look like they used to and I still look like my old self.

  • Honestly... without the hat... like 25... with the hat like 19-20