Are scars on a man something sexy?

Would scars symbolise, roughness and a badass, in a man and be sexy, or is it plain ugly deformity on the body?

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the scars are not from self harm


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  • What kind of scars, self harm or just scars you got from doing random stuff? Self harm scars aren't sexy, they're sad but I would date a guy who had them. Scars from doing random shit can be hot though


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  • I voted A, in regards to scars on a girl.
    The question is written in a gender-specific way, but whatever, I wanted to put my take in here.

    I don't think self-inflicted scars are OK, I think the bigger issue there is a put off, but scars from, I don't know, a sporting accident or something, are fine. The imperfection in the way they've healed from a prior injury is interesting, really cool and actually oddly hot.
    I don't think there's anything wrong with being attracted to the unusual.

  • badass?

    i doubt it will be consindered "badass" to get cut during shaving

  • No, they're not sexy. I have a scar on my shoulder and girls are often turned off by it.

  • I voted sexy and cool. Because the scar on my face is just that lol not

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