Why do girls take positive suggestions about their appearance so seriously?

.. but have no hesitation to put down a guy e. g. "your clothes don't match at all" or "you have poor dressing sense" or "your beard makes you look 20 years older, I don't like it" or "wow, you've put on a lot of weight" or "why did you cut your hair for".
Let's reverse the roles for the sake of gender equality.. I don't think many women would be able to take those comments.
I got shut down for telling a girl "say, I think curls would look really nice on you".


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  • You have to keep in mind that women are told from a young age that all they have to offer is their looks. It makes our appearance a very sensitive topic to us. I'm sure you've only made well meaning comments but sometimes they can come across as a guy wanting us to change or that we don't look good enough for them. It can be very hurtful.

    Definitely keep giving compliments but just keep in mind how you phrase it, even if it's a very well meaning compliment.


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  • Women are solely judged for our looks and sexual value. In modern society implying that a girl isn't pretty is like saying she's worthless.

    Looks don't weigh as heavily on a mans value. You guys get to be judged on other factors besides just your looks. A guy might be ugly but he could have a few other qualities that save him. If a woman is ugly she's done for.


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  • basically if a girl is skinny i tell her to ut on weight so she'd look better

    i'm not always complimenting them ;-)

    • LOL. How many times have you been slapped in the face?
      I told a girl I was dating the other day that it couldn't hurt to do squats - she started crying, shouted "my legs and butt are none of your business" and stopped talking to me!

  • I guess they are more critical than men.

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