The shape of my skull bothers me. any solutions?

since I was little, everyone often made fun of the shape of my head and I didn't know why
they've always said my skull looked like an egg, watermelon, etc...
one day I saw a picture of me in profile, I realized they were right , my skull was actually deformed
now this complexes me , I dare not talk to people and girls, I am ashamed of myself, I lost my esteem and self-confidence
what should i do? There he has a solution for me?

P. S: the shape of my head is like the one in my profile picture

please any suggestions?


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  • Loads of people have that head shape tbh. Just grow hair if you hate it that much.

    • the problem is that even when I grow hair it still seems ridiculous

    • I think if you grow a longer style it may hide it, because some girls even have the same head shape and nobody really notices because it's hidden by her hair. Or what type of hair do you have? If it's thicker, you won't need to grow so much, just have a hair style that goes back

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  • grow your hair longer so it won't be visible ;-)

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